Garnice Law, PLLC, What makes us different?

​I work tirelessly for my clients and don’t simply take “no” for an answer. I know that results matter. I care about achieving the best possible outcome for my clients.

Integrity is everything. I don’t tell clients only what they want to hear, I tell clients the truth, even if it is uncomfortable.

I am not afraid of the word “trial”. Most clients want their cases to settle and it is not good practice to perpetuate needless dispute just to provide the courtroom “experience”. But, in reality, some disputes cannot be resolved through mediation and other settlement techniques and can only be resolved by a family law judge at trial.

It is unacceptable for anyone to interfere with my clients’ legal rights to their children. If a client and the children are victimized in this way, I am prepared to take the offending party to court right away to obtain justice.

I know the rules that govern family law and use them to advance and enforce my clients’ rights.

I will work to keep you constantly informed and involved in the process. All incoming court documents, correspondence and other written materials related to your court case are provided to you as received so that you always have a current copy of your complete file in real time. I make it my practice to provide you drafts of outgoing materials before they are sent so that you can review beforehand.

​I will share ideas with you as your case takes its inevitable twists and turns, consulting with you in planning and updating strategy, discussing various alternatives and their potential strengths and weaknesses. In contested cases, while working to try to achieve your goals, we will have to deal with your opponent and your opponent’s legal counsel with a different agenda who is seeking to prevent you from reaching those goals. In order to be as proactive as possible, I review the court file on every case in the office daily to provide the most possible advance notice of any new developments that may have arisen that have not yet been received by mail — and do so at no charge.

I can be available to communicate with you after hours and on weekends if important matters that arise that cannot wait for the start of the work week.

We provide you with a comprehensive accounting of the details of all work being performed for you twice each month.

We do not charge by the page for photocopies, scans or faxes, and we do not charge for routine postage.

We pride ourselves on the friendliness and responsiveness of our office staff.