Family Law News

Clint Eastwood And Wife Dina Eastwood Finalize Their Divorce After 18 Years Of Marriage
Mr. & Mrs. Clint Eastwood have officially divorced after being separated since August 2013.

How to Keep Your Inheritance in a Divorce
There are ways to preserve an inheritance you have received even if you are facing a divorce. But, these methods must usually be employed at the time of receiving the inheritance or becoming married, prior to any dispute arising.

Arizona Police Use Survey to Predict Domestic Violence
Police in various Arizona counties are using a new survey to identify individuals who might be in danger due to domestic violence.

How Our Child Support System Can Push The Poor Deeper Into Poverty
Analysis of a number of statistics shows that many parents who owe or are entitled to child support are living below the poverty line.

Woman Who Left Kids in Car During Job Interview Regains Custody
After a homeless air force veteran left her children unattended in her car on a hot day so that she could go to a job interview, her children were removed from her care. A judge has now decided to give her back full custody of her children pending the completion of certain child-care classes.

Top 7 Worst States for Divorce
Hefty fees and long delays make these states the most difficult to get divorced in. Luckily, Arizona is not on the list.

Halle Berry to pay $16,000 a month in child support
Oscar winning Halle Berry has been ordered by the Los Angeles Superior Court to pay child support to her ex for her six year old daughter in the amount of $16,000 a month.

Arizona Child Welfare Boss Wants to Stay On Under New Governor
Head of new Department of Child Safety wants to continue to head up the department even after change in administration. The legislature formally created the new agency last week.

Consumers Accuse Subway of Misrepresenting Length of Footlong Sub
Subway sandwich chain is currently working out a settlement with customers who accused the restaurant of misrepresenting the size of its ‘Footlong” sandwich. Consumers said the sandwiches were closer to 11 inches than 12 inches. Attorneys on either side of the case noted that they hammered out “all the material terms of a settlement,” in court papers filed in March. Eleven plaintiffs’ firms are involved in the litigation, with settlement talks being led by mediator Morton Denlow, a retired U.S. magistrate judge from Chicago.

Consumer Protection Lawsuit Filed Against Kickstarter Project
Washington’s Attorney General has filed a consumer protection suit against Altius Management for failing to deliver on promises that it made to donors during its Kickstarter fundraising campaign. The company raised more than $25,000 from 810 who were supposed to receive a specialty deck of cards for their contributions. The company has not sent out any of the incentives offered through the site and no money has been returned.