Garnice Law PLLC Overview of Services

The Scottsdale, Arizona staff at Garnice Law work as a team to give each client the most comprehensive representation possible, no matter how small the legal issue may be.  We are committed to counseling and advocating for our clients and think outside the box to come up with creative solutions to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Family Law

The skilled family law staff at Garnice Law regularly assist clients in a variety of domestic situations including but not limited to:

In addition to a creative attorney, by working with Garnice Law you will also have access to a team of experienced professionals who will be available to support you throughout the legal process.

Appellate Law

Garnice Law also handles matters that are being reviewed by an appellate court.  Our appellate law attorney will work with you to put together a complete appeal increasing your chances of a favorable result.

  • Appellate Law

If you are seeking legal representation in any of the above mentioned areas of law, Garnice Law can help. Contact us by calling (480)351-4804 for a consultation today.