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Military DivorceArizona Divorce can be a difficult emotional process and can become further complicated for Arizona military members and their spouses. At Garnice Law PLLC, our Arizona military divorce lawyer provides counsel and divorce representation to people involved in military divorces stationed at the Luke Air Force Base, the Marine Corp Air Station Yuma, the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and Fort Huachuca (Army Base), and other military bases in the U.S. and overseas, including U.S. Military Personnel currently stationed in the Middle East, Europe, the Pacific, or elsewhere. For example, while Arizona doesn’t have any bases for the Navy or Coast Guard, military divorce law in Arizona still applies to members of those service branches. To discuss your legal issue with an Arizona military divorce lawyer in Scottsdale, please contact us.

Navigating through a divorce can be challenging, but when it involves military personnel, it requires an experienced and proficient attorney to understand the complex implications. That’s where we come in, providing dedicated and personalized services for those seeking a “military divorce near me”. Our practice is located in Scottsdale, in the Phoenix suburbs, and is well-versed in handling the unique elements involved in a military divorce. This includes nuances such as jurisdiction, residency requirements, service of process, division of military pensions, and the enforcement of support.

Arizona Military Divorce Law Differs From Other Divorces

There are a number of federal laws and protections that apply to military members and their spouses. Our Arizona military divorce lawyer near you is knowledgeable about the following Federal acts and how they apply to divorcing military members:

There are detailed military divorce laws in Arizona that further complicate the process. These laws can influence everything from child custody to spousal support, and even property division. As your chosen “military divorce attorney Phoenix”, we are intimately acquainted with these laws and are able to ensure you receive the fair and just outcome you deserve. We stay updated on the ever-changing landscape of military divorce laws to better serve you. Through compassion, strength, and expert legal counsel, we’re here to guide you through the challenges ahead, every step of the way.

Dividing Assets in a Military Divorce Near Phoenix

The division of assets and benefits in a military divorce can also be complex. At Garnice Law PLLC, we are experienced in military divorce law (including marital property division that involves retirement plans, military pensions, and other benefits) and provide you with information that will allow you to proceed with the process in the correct manner.

Lawyer for Military Divorces in Scottsdale, AZ

Our firm has experience handling all aspects of a military divorce in Scottsdale, Arizona. In fact, Attorney Victor Garnice served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War years. We can maintain effective communication no matter where a client is based — We understand the importance of providing reliable legal services to our troops and their families and our proud to do so. Whether you or your spouse are military personnel stationed in Arizona or serving overseas, Garnice Law PLLC can provide you with highly effective, intelligent and cost-effective military divorce services. Please contact us today.

We can help with the entire military divorce process, including military divorce child custody, military divorce child support, military divorce taxes, and much more. Whether you’re in the military or you came to this page looking for information about divorce for military spouses, contact us for a consultation today!

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Additional Arizona Military Divorce Laws & Situations

  • Military Divorce Overseas: A U.S. court may not recognize a divorce filed overseas, so it’s best to file in the United States. Laws allow service members and their spouses to file for divorce in either the state where the service member is currently stationed, the state where they claim legal residency or the state in which the nonmilitary spouse resides. (source)
  • Abandoned Spouses: Abandonment is the act of deliberately leaving one’s spouse without consent (or notification, in many cases) with no intent of returning. If your service member spouse has left you, you are still technically married, have rights and are entitled to support. (source)