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“Family law” is a simple term that covers a wide range of complex issues, actions, and situations. Divorce alone can involve child custody and visitation, spousal and child support, division of property, and assignment of debts. It can affect your home, your retirement savings, and your most treasured possessions. Related issues include grandparents’ rights, paternity, adoption, and termination of parental rights. Past family law cases from other states and even other countries can follow you to Arizona and present new challenges regarding enforcement or modification of child custody and visitation issues, child support and spousal maintenance obligations, and enforcement of property and debt apportionment. Victor Garnice is a skilled and experienced Scottsdale family law attorney near you in all these areas and can give you the guidance you need.

Family law involves more than just court cases. Prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, adoption agreements, and other contracts and agreements may need to be negotiated, drafted, and enforced. Mediation and arbitration may be involved.

Whether you need court cases brought or defended, agreements negotiated or arrangements made, or whether you just need your questions answered, it is essential that you entrust your most private matters to a compassionate and knowledgeable family law attorney who respects you as a whole person, not just a client. Our dedicated family law attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ serve as good listeners, confidants, advocates, and guides for all of our clients during these most difficult and uncertain times.

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Scottsdale Family Lawyers Near You
Scottsdale Family Law Attorneys Near You

About Our Scottsdale Family Law Firm

As basic units of society, families cultivate values and provide stability for their members. Unfortunately, families aren’t free from conflict, and when issues do arise that can’t be rectified in the home, the courts must step in to ensure a fair resolution for each party. Scottsdale family law encompasses a wide range of domestic issues including marital agreements, adoption, child custody, and questions of paternity. While these matters are all very different in nature, they all bring with them great emotion and long-term consequences for the very thing that you likely value most – your family.

Whether you are building a relationship and considering a prenuptial agreement, if that relationship seems to be headed for a breakup, or whether the aftermath of a breakup is causing disputes over children, property, or money, this is not the time to experiment with home-grown remedies and risk mistakes and unintended results. This is the time to call in the professionals. That's where we come in.

Scottsdale family law attorney Victor Garnice has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of Family Law. He provides unique insight and invaluable knowledge to help clients resolve family law matters as favorably and efficiently as possible. Using his extensive knowledge of a complex web of laws, rules, and legal precedents, coupled with decades of experience in the field, he works hard to address his clients' concerns. Your best interests are always at the forefront, both in and out of court. Each set of circumstances is unique and requires a unique strategy. In both the conference room and in the courtroom, he works with you to tailor a plan for handling your matter and fine-tunes it in conjunction with you as developments occur and new circumstances arise.

Plus, Garnice Law PLLC offers something more than some other family lawyers in Scottsdale - Victor Garnice is caring, compassionate, and has a sincere desire to provide you with peace of mind, and a focus on achieving the best results. You do not need to face an uncertain future alone. Let our Scottsdale family law firm team with you in emerging to a brighter future.

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Family Law Services We Provide in Scottsdale:

With over 40 years of experience, Garnice Law PLLC provides unique insight and invaluable knowledge to help individuals throughout Arizona resolve their family law matters in a favorable, efficient and amicable manner. The firm routinely represents individuals in Scottsdale and Phoenix in the following family law proceedings:

Families are the most private, personal, and enduring of relationships. Just as there are all kinds of families, there can also be all kinds of issues that may arise within families. While these matters are all very different, they all bring with them great emotion and long-term consequences for the very thing that you likely value most – your family. Family law seeks to provide a fair resolution of these issues. Garnice Law PLLC is skilled and experienced in all these areas and can give you the guidance, reassurance, and help you need. Browse our site to learn more about how our Scottsdale family attorney can serve you. Stewart Law Group is also a trusted family law attorney in Arizona.

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Our family law attorney in Scottsdale utilizes his extensive knowledge of all local and Arizona state law, and diverse experience in the field to address the legal concerns of clients and ensure their best interests are at the forefront of all negotiations, settlement talks, or jury trials. Our family law firm offers free confidential consultations where we will take time to learn more about the specifics of your family law matter and discuss the options that will best protect you and your loved ones now and well into the future. Call us today at (480) 351-4804 or email us for a free, confidential consultation.

General FAQs About Our Scottsdale Law Office

What is your hourly rate for family attorneys in Scottsdale?

At Garnice Law PLLC, hourly attorney rates vary depending upon the experience of the attorney performing services on your behalf. Our lesser experienced attorneys billing rates start at $175/per hour. Our most experienced attorneys billing rates are $300/per hour.

How long is the free initial consultation?

At Garnice Law PLLC, we schedule initial consultations for one hour. However, we often spend more than an hour with the potential client when needed to ensure that all of their questions are answered and that they are fully apprised of their current circumstances and what possible strategies are available for them when deciding what is best when going forward. Of course, there is no extra charge for the additional time spent. And, any documents or files that we review in preparation for the initial consultation are also performed free and without cost to the potential client.

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