Scottsdale AZ Juvenile Law Attorney

Juvenile LawWhether you are defending against an unwarranted Child Protection Services (CPS) action, or seek to protect a child at risk for abuse or neglect, or seeking to adopt a child already in your care such as a grandchild, relative or stepchild, or need to establish a guardianship or legal means by which you can care for a child in your physical custody, Garnice Law PLLC can help. We have represented many families in litigation involving both private and State dependency actions. We have a solid track record of successfully defending against wrongful allegations of abuse and neglect and in demanding that mandated reunification efforts be adhered to.

In a dependency proceeding, each parent is entitled to and will receive court appointed counsel. Many parents faced with wrongful allegations of abuse or neglect opt for private counsel – for a variety of good reasons (i.e., private attorneys not state employed and are more likely to be more motivated, experienced and results oriented.)

The primary role of the parents’ attorney is to advocate for their clients in court. A good attorney, however, will perform non-litigation functions to assist the parent in navigating the case-plan process. Thus, a good parents attorney will help the parent understand the child protection process and negotiate visitation; advocate for appropriate services for the parent; advise the parent on the choices that will most likely result in return of the child; and assist the parents in carrying out their case-plan tasks.