NG Attorney Victor Garnice recognized by Maricopa County Superior Court Family Law Judge

Nirenstein Garnice Partner Victor Garnice was recognized by a Maricopa County Superior Court Family Law Judge for his superior skills in a recent divorce case. The Court specifically stated “Both parties counsels’ have assisted them very well and have conducted this litigation in a very professional and courteous manner while continuing to be heartfelt advocates for their clients. Both are to be commended for counseling their clients against taking unreasonable positions in a case where the emotional content could have easily have tempted them to do so. It was a pleasure to have such FIRST QUALITY COUNSEL involved in this case.”

Mr. Garnice has over thirty years of experience in handling Arizona divorce cases, and is a fine example of how intelligent lawyering can advance a client’s interests in a situation that is often difficult, to say the least. Congratulations Victor!